Allie 2009- Casey ( Cathy ) painted a beautiful, original mural in my daughter’s bedroom! It is colorful, whimsical and fun–exactly what I was looking for! Casey is such a talented artist–I trust her completely and I highly recommend her.

Anne 2008- Catherine painted my teenage son’s bedroom with a grafitti theme. He loves it! She worked with him to include his likes and dislikes. She was not disruptive to our household in getting the job done.  She also painted some decorative vines on my kitchen walls. They are lovely and compliment the room perfectly. Her faux work is very professional.

Marilyn 2008- I am a local designer in the area. My company has used Ms. Durrett on many design layouts. She is the best I have seen on murals, faux, granite reproductions and paintings. Her work ethics are wonderful and I continue to depend on her.

Linda 2008- Casey ( Catherine ) is a phenomenal painter! She painted our kitchen and understood everything I was trying to do. She had the most wonderful tips, things I never even thought of..Hire her, you won’t be sorry!!! A+A+A+A+A+A+

Debra 2008- I have used Pena Haku ( Catherine ) twice now, and will definately use her again. She does an excellent job of painting. Whether you want a faux finish on your walls or just plain paint, this is the person to call!AAAAA+++++

Jane 2007-Great prices. Very dependable. Check her out.

Blueland 2007- Casey at Pena Haku painted our kitchen and cabinets. She did an outstanding job and I would recommend her to anyone.

Ruth 2007- Over the past few years I have had occasion to employ Catherine Durrett to do several decorating projects for me and I have been very happy with the results. Her work has been excellent and she has completed the projects on time and within budget. Casey has shown great ingenuity in turning what could have been humdrum into something very interesting and clever. She has a strong sense of color and balance. I would certainly recommend her for many types of projects.

Evelyn 2006- It is a pleasure to recommend Casey Durrett to you on the work she has done in my Atlanta home. In our master bath a Greek garden over my garden tub, faux painting in the dinning room everyone just loves, and a great job in our sons room too! I believe that her personality is very suited to working with people, these skills, as well as her commitment and dedication to her work, make it a pleasure to recommend her to you.

Dollie 2005- Cathy has been employed by me as a decorator, muralist and painter both in my home in Decatur GA and my new home in Athens, GA. I find her decorator work original, creative and professional. Her painting demonstrates a perceptive approach that is proficient and fresh. Cathy’s job performance is fast, efficient and always punctual. She is hard-working and brings enthusiasm and energy to all her endeavors. She will be an asset to any project in which she engages and her insights and ideas I believe you will find delightful. I recommend Cathy to you with no reservations.

Tara 2004- Catherine Durrett was a pleasure to work with.She had unique ideas and welcomed my input to better fit my lifestyle. She was always punctual and left my house as immaculate as she found it. Her paintings and murals are phenomenal and I highly recommend her to any of my friends and customers.

Ed 2004-We have great pleasure in recommending the work and artistry of Catherine Durrett who has worked for us for some time now. Catherine has a very good knowledge of paints and their application, particularly in such techniques as faux painting. Catherine also displays a flair for interior design and has helped us out many times with decisions related to our home.Anyone working with Catherine will find a newfound pleasure and we have no hesitation in recommending her to prospective clientele.

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  1. We gave KC free-reign. She transformed our living room. Amazing!

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